Our competitors can’t even spell Premium Only Plans

I hate to pick on our competitors. Well, let me rephrase that. I actually like picking on our competitors, but I don’t like picking on our competitors directly. I’d prefer to talk bad about them as a group, not single one out, but this is just too good.¬†Look what I found on the website of one of the many, many companies out there that have decided to dabble in Premium Only Plans:

While this was obviously just a typo, it does prove an important point: when you try to offer too many products and services, it’s easy to let the “less important” ones fall through the cracks. And POPs definitely fall into that category with many of the companies that offer them – payroll companies, third party administrators, even worksite product vendors. These companies focus on other products, and many of them do a good job with their core business. So for your Premium Only Plan needs, why not work with a company that focuses on them?

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Eric Johnson handles all the website stuff for PremiumOnlyPlans.com. He also speaks nationwide about a wide range of insurance topics.